Beer in most its many forms has existed for hundreds of years. Be it known as beer, ale, stout, porter, amber or other beer style, beer includes a lengthy and storied history. Typically, beer continues to be obtainable in kegs, and never before the twentieth century did bottling and canning enter into prominence.

No matter style, beer is made basically exactly the same. You will find subtle variations obviously, but all beer has a mixture of ingredients mixed and fermented by brewing experts with the aid of technology. Technologies have revolutionized the beer industry, less through brewing techniques, but packaging and transportation methods.

Bottling, Canning, and Kegs

For years and years, beer was available only in kegs. That altered in early-mid twentieth century, when bottling and canning arrived to prominence. Using the creation of bottling and canning, brewers could distribute their beer to more markets with greater efficiency.

Yet, something important is lost, and that’s the freshness and taste of local, direct in the keg beer. Enter any bar today, and it’s possible you’ll see people consuming beer directly from the bottle. While possibly convenient, beer wasn’t intended to be consumed from the bottle, or even the can for instance.

Beer is really a perishable food product, and like every food product, beer does not improve as we grow older. Canned beer and canned beer are pasteurized and added carbonation is injected to make sure a lengthy shelf existence without requirement for refrigeration. While there is nothing wrong with this particular process because it enables product availability to some wider spectrum of shoppers, it’s not beer in the natural condition.

Keg beer is beer in the natural condition. Keg beer is not pasteurized, nor are any preservatives added. Keg beer needs refrigeration in the day it’s packaged before the day it’s consumed. The key step to note is the fact that keg beer is not injected with a lot more carbonation, which provides keg beer an easier, cleaner taste.

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