We all want to be able to show our love and appreciation to those who make a difference in our lives. But when you get that novelty stress-relief ball, where does it go? I have more useless knick-knacks in my office cubicle than I’d really care to disclose on the internet, so I went in search of other ways to show those that care about me that I really care about them as well. The answer- Food Gifts!


Now, when you think about food gifts, the first thing that make come to mind is that dinky little kiosk that appears in your local mall around the holidays that sells hard cheeses and meat sticks that may or may not have been created in this century. For the sake of tradition, they may be ok, but for what I’m think of, they’re a little bit bland. There’s a whole world of food gifts out there that are sure to amaze even the most discerning of palates!

Food bouquets are an artful way to show appreciation. Usually made out of fruit or baked goods, these arrangements of deliciousness use the novel packaging to accent the delicious ingredients inside. From strawberries cut to look like flowers, to seasonally themed cookie baskets, you can celebrate almost anything with these baskets of joy. Most of the companies that offer them will also allow you to customize your order so that it sends the right message, every time.

Does the person that you appreciate like to cook things themselves? If you know someone that can cook the pants off of anyone out there, then try giving them a seasoning kit! These typically include a myriad of different sauces, spices, and recipe ideas that will give any at-home chef an arsenal of new cooking ideas. For example, the Goode Company in Houston, TX offers a “Thinking of You” set of their famous BBQ sauces that can be mailed anywhere in the country! It’s the perfect way to let someone know that you’ll be there for the epic grill-fest next summer!


Now, if you’re more a ‘DIY’ person, there are also great ways for you to send a bit of love yourself. Find your favorite baked good recipe that you want to share with someone. Once you get all of the dry ingredients, simply get a bunch of Mason Jars together and let the fun begin! I always decorate my jars before I fill them, depending on what occasion I’m send the gifts out for. After they’re done drying, simply add the dry ingredients and seal the mason jar. Make sure that you include the instructions (and any wet ingredients that they might need) so that when they want to enjoy some of your famous cookies, all they have to so is mix a batch up, and enjoy! It’s also a great way to let family members who are away for work or school to still enjoy the creature comforts of home no matter where they are. SO this year, skip the tacky card and send someone the gift of good food instead!

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