Are you tired of picking up takeaway and getting it home only to discover that the portions are very small and the taste just isn’t that great? This may happen to you more often than you’d like to think about. Good takeaway, especially Chinese takeaway, can be difficult. It’s even worse when you’ve used a great takeaway restaurant and it has closed or moved, leaving you without a reliable place for food. If you’re looking for a new takeaway restaurant, here are some tips for finding the best one.


Talk to People

There’s often nothing better than word of mouth when it comes to finding great places for takeaway. Your friends, family members, coworkers, and even people you meet on the street may have helpful recommendations. If you’re in the mood to try a new restaurant, simply ask someone his or her opinion. Of course, not everyone is going to agree, so you do have to keep that in mind, plus people do have different opinions. What might be a good amount of food for one person may seem like a tiny serving to another.

Look Online

If you don’t know many people who are interested in the type of food you like, you can go online and see what online reviewers have said about a restaurant. You can get a good list of different takeaway options and learn about each of them. For example, if you don’t have many friends who enjoy Chinese food, you can read up on nearby Chinese takeaway options and see which ones have the best reviews. You may find the best Chinese takeaway in Bristol this way.


Try an App

If you’re not at a computer or if you primarily use your mobile device to look for places to eat, you can try one of the different apps designed to show you where all the best takeaway places are. Just like searching online, these apps provide you with reviews, ratings, and directions to the nearest takeaway restaurants that meet your search criteria. Apps are great when you’re on the go since you can see what takeaway places are near you at any given time.

Look for Recognisable Names

If you’re not certain about a Chinese takeaway place and aren’t really in the mood to gamble with your dinner, you can always go with a recognisable name. There are a number of different chains out there that have local stores in many locations. If you go with one of these recognised brands, you’re likely to know exactly what food you’re going to order, what portions you’ll receive, and how the food will taste. While of course there will be some variation between restaurants, many are very similar.

Give an Old Favourite a Second Chance

Finally, remember that you shouldn’t judge a takeaway place by one bad experience. While ideally you’ll have great food all the time, there’s always the chance that the chef was having a bad day or that the restaurant was crowded. Even if you’ve had a bad experience at one of your favourite takeaway places, don’t let that experience put you off the place forever. Give it a second chance.

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